Sunday, February 16, 2014

So much for my new deer stand...the maple syrup shack

Video of the maple syrup shack minutes after cleaning out what could be saved. Rick Parent and Shmitty were playing cribbage when they noticed smoke. JROD

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Maple cream ale home brew

Breaking News Gordo' maple syrup shack burnt down last fall during the Wisconsin gun deer hunt season more too come on that soon...maybe, if I get any views. I brewed up a simple cream ale, fermented with maple syrup that derived from the now "Burnt out maple syrup shack". Cutie Kay is the name Jim Quigley, Gordie Kulzer and Steve Danielowski gave their syrup. Can you figure out what the "Cutie Kay" syrup name comes from? The definition is at the bottom. JROD
It sounds out the first letter of the three guys last name, QDK. It must have taken a lot of fires too come up with that one!! JROD