Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dryer vent and high efficiency furnace vents

Just thought of a safety issue to remind all about. My sister in law, Kelly just had an issue with her dryer vent being plugged, the dryer was taking to long to dry costing her money. Diagnosed the vent being plugged. This led me to believe that everyone needs a safety reminder; "Make sure all venting is clear of obstructions", this is a common problem mentioned by a friend Saralee on my FB page. If you do not have several carbon monoxide detectors and fire detectors with charged batteries in your home, NOW is the time to purchase them. I have an auxiliary wood furnace and depend on these simple safety monitors/checks at all times for my families safety and survival in weather conditions as we are currently experiencing.
One note, an old friend passed away RIP; Barb (Bubbles) Sandburg,
Take care, JROD