Saturday, April 25, 2009

Garden and other projects.

Well Scotty and Sally are spending the weekend. Had steaks on the grille with asparagus, baby porta bella mushroom and onion, it was so good! OHS beat Prescott 15-11 in the first game I seen Collin W. pitch. Planted 18 more crowns of asparagus 50 hills of potatoes reds and yukon golds. Bought a 6hp rear tine tiller. Still working the vdub project, talked to Josh in S.D. and is writing an explanation for alterations to the title for WisDOT. Found headliner for it in the local junkyard but they are super brittle, might try and get Scooby to go with me this morning and take it out. Have a polaris project ready to fire up when I get some other things wrapped up. Dan S. stopped by and brought a box of new beer being brewed by Summit brewery that is not on the market yet, his son is the brewmiester there so he gets all sorts of samplers. The new beer was very hoppy and is a red but not typical-strong bite. I don't care for it but Scooby liked it. Took Dan over to see another buddy of ours, Red. He had just bought a new toy--Gehl skidsteer. We all worked together at one time or another. Dan and Red are both retired. Mike B. stopped over yesterday morning and is going to redo the deck entering the front door of our house and expanding it with railings for us old people. Uncle Burt coming over today, passenger side window will not roll up!?? Taking the riding lawnmowers out today to prepare for the impending grass cutting. Mom called and wants me to stop in, she got some boiled dinner for us "NOTE"--I have to get there before Gordo does or there will not be any. Tomorrow moving Tessa from one place to another down in the shithole.