Wednesday, March 11, 2009

We are back in the saddle again, with a brake caliper piston rebuild kit.

Well I am back. Had a little administration problems with the blog?!?! Do not even ask. Thanks much goes out to cousin, Gus R.--you are the best!! Will be posting some good stuff now!! Just performed a piston rebuild on a brake caliper, for a Polaris ATV was real easy except there is a 50/50 chance to press the new piston in wrong. Guess what I did? Yes it was the wrong way. Always-- the tapered end goes in to caliper first. The new piston is hollow and is not solid. They call it uninsulated, which is the OEM replacement part. I suppose much cheaper since it is hollow with no insulated core. Cost of metals now a days. Rule of thumb, if it don't look right, it probably isn't!!! I was able to pull new piston out and spin her around and repress it. No apparent damage to the washers. Will bleed them out today so I am crossing my fingers.

Caliper did not leak but am having master cylinder issues now?


Master cylinder seals are shot. Putting back together will be like sticking a golf ball through a root beer float straw. Any ideas? Anyone! Here is some pics, I have to clean the ports out a little more I see.


Got the washers crammed back in the master cylinder. Going to flush everything out with clean brake fluid and reinstall the pain in the rear. NOTE: bleeding the brakes same as on vehicles always bleed the brake line that has the most distance from the master first. The rebuild will work, the old washers were worn bad.


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Jrod said...

A little tid bit with the brakes. A common mistake is over tightening the lug nuts when remounting the wheels. The rotors may get warped from over tightening, thus causing a pulsation where ever there are disc brakes.