Sunday, March 1, 2009

Stuff is not always what they should be when you buy them!

I ordered a new CV shaft from local auto parts store and got it home to install. Upon inspecting it closer, it was built wrong when remanufactured . I have this happen many times-left the store and not verify what I had?? I know better too, I should have inspected it closer. I was able to get a replacement the next day but it screwed up my schedule. Not that I have anything pressing going on but I may have went Ice fishing?!?! (Those of you that know will get a kick out of the ice fishing comment). Anyways my point being whether it be auto parts, food or electronics make sure you are always getting what you pay for. I've wrapped up the VW engine swap project and am getting ready for an older polaris 350 engine/parts swap. Sheryl is going to have me bug her in the kitchen cooking chicken enchilladas for Scooby and Sally later, then the NASCAR race. P.S. Rest in peace Jim Demulling-passed away yesterday, apparent heart attack. Keep the family in your prayers. JROD

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How long can I leave a cake on the counter at room temperature and covered? Should it be refridgerated? Will it help?