Monday, March 30, 2009

old guy bounce

Does anyone know how to restore the bounce to an old fellar?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Getting paint primer out of hair even if it is dyed a color.

I seem to lean my hair into wet paint on any surface I paint. Well when I did have hair! For water-based, use fingernails while shampooing. For oil-based, any oil (baby, olive, nivea), again with the fingernails. Something else that works is one of those sponges with a scrubber on the back. Hold one hand underneath, and then rub the scrubber downward along the direction only. Use blue or white scrubbers only...not the rough green ones.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Try fixing stuff ourselves, we can do it together!??!: Making maple syrup.

Would not be right with out paying homage to brother Gordos syrup. It is excellant!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Making maple syrup.

Pics are from over at Gordo's today and Shmitty and Quiugly got a thing goin!!
I have 20 gallons or so of maple sap that I tapped over the last couple of days. Will boil it down in the near future. Heading over to Gordo's this morning. He and his tappers have a good 100 gallons or so and have 4 pints bottled already. They are using wood to concentrate it so I will get some ideas from the pro's!!
Started out by drilling a hole in maple tree 7/16 drill bit is the standard for most stock taps--2 to 3 inches deep . I have 5 taps. When temp drops below freezing at night and warms up during the day is the correct reciepe for sap flowage!! Don' take long (4 hrs is a GREAT flow )to fill a milk jug when flow is good. Will post some pics of my trip to Gordo's over on the North West side of Morris hill in East Farmington, over in the rich part of town. Only place around where people drive their ATV's wearing suit, ties and wing tips.
PS my comment on filter information was found at this site. Was not able to hook up the link--I am still learning.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

We are back in the saddle again, with a brake caliper piston rebuild kit.

Well I am back. Had a little administration problems with the blog?!?! Do not even ask. Thanks much goes out to cousin, Gus R.--you are the best!! Will be posting some good stuff now!! Just performed a piston rebuild on a brake caliper, for a Polaris ATV was real easy except there is a 50/50 chance to press the new piston in wrong. Guess what I did? Yes it was the wrong way. Always-- the tapered end goes in to caliper first. The new piston is hollow and is not solid. They call it uninsulated, which is the OEM replacement part. I suppose much cheaper since it is hollow with no insulated core. Cost of metals now a days. Rule of thumb, if it don't look right, it probably isn't!!! I was able to pull new piston out and spin her around and repress it. No apparent damage to the washers. Will bleed them out today so I am crossing my fingers.

Caliper did not leak but am having master cylinder issues now?


Master cylinder seals are shot. Putting back together will be like sticking a golf ball through a root beer float straw. Any ideas? Anyone! Here is some pics, I have to clean the ports out a little more I see.


Got the washers crammed back in the master cylinder. Going to flush everything out with clean brake fluid and reinstall the pain in the rear. NOTE: bleeding the brakes same as on vehicles always bleed the brake line that has the most distance from the master first. The rebuild will work, the old washers were worn bad.


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Frying pan sticking problem.

When frying in a cast iron frying pan, and it starts to stick. Put a tablespoon of water in and it will release!??!? Pretty cool. I learnt something from Sheryl today.

Stuff is not always what they should be when you buy them!

I ordered a new CV shaft from local auto parts store and got it home to install. Upon inspecting it closer, it was built wrong when remanufactured . I have this happen many times-left the store and not verify what I had?? I know better too, I should have inspected it closer. I was able to get a replacement the next day but it screwed up my schedule. Not that I have anything pressing going on but I may have went Ice fishing?!?! (Those of you that know will get a kick out of the ice fishing comment). Anyways my point being whether it be auto parts, food or electronics make sure you are always getting what you pay for. I've wrapped up the VW engine swap project and am getting ready for an older polaris 350 engine/parts swap. Sheryl is going to have me bug her in the kitchen cooking chicken enchilladas for Scooby and Sally later, then the NASCAR race. P.S. Rest in peace Jim Demulling-passed away yesterday, apparent heart attack. Keep the family in your prayers. JROD